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smart LBS

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발음학습 서비스

"Sonowiz" is a company that develops and supplies various solutions related to voice and IR-UWB radar based on digital signal processing technology.

Sonowiz Core Business

Speech Learning Services

Speech Preprocessing Solutions

Smart LBS


Smart LBS


Pedestrian Protection Traffic Accident Prevention System in Crosswalk

# Features​
  • Uses high-precision IR-UWB radar sensor.

  • Possible to detect pedestrians for 24 hours in all weather.

  • Provides walking direction, speed, and distance information for pedestrians.

  • Provides alarm for both the driver and the pedestrian.

  • Detects jaywalking in advance.

# Installation Effect

  • Prevention of children's accidents on crosswalks near schools.

  • Prevention of traffic safety accidents on side roads and apartment complexes.

  • Prevention of traffic safety accidents for smombie and cyclists.

  • Protects pedestrians for 365 days and 24 hours, regardless of weather or day and night.

# Suitable Places

  • Crosswalks on the side road where traffic lights are difficult to install.

  • A crosswalk near the school.

  • Front of the parking lot exit across the pedestrian passage.

  • Front of the parking lot exit and crosswalk in the apartment complex.


Voice Preprocessing


By optimizing and eliminating various types of noise affecting the speech recognition rate for the speech recognition engine, it provides users with higher quality and satisfaction.

Speech Learning

::Merakano - A foreign language pronunciation learning service that learns 'seeing' pronunciation

Merakano uses the technology of phonetics, acoustical signal processing, speech recognition, and speech synthesis to directly view and listen to information such as rhythm, pronunciation, speed, and intensity that a learner has visualized about the pronunciation of himself / This allows you to learn effectively from native speakers, unlike traditional listening and speaking-based learning methods.




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